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Promoting Hamilton and Urban Hiking is our passion. Starting in 2018 we'll explore what Hamilton has to offer - in all weather and terrain. Stay tuned as we add to this site with a new trail or waterfall each week.

Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail

The Hamilton-Brantford rail trail is a 32 km railway converted to a well maintained trail suitable for walking and cycling. The walking is easy and there are numerous access points along the way. There is no better way to explore the trail than the walk the entire length as we did on December 20, 2017, starting at the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton and ending in Brantford, for a total of 38.2 km.

Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is a continuous trail that runs from Niagara to Tobermory for a total length of 890 km and over 400 km of side trails. We are fortunate to have the Bruce Trail run through Hamilton with views of waterfalls and the escarpment.

Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls is one of the many falls in Hamilton, located in Ancaster.


Hamilton is located in Southern Ontario on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula and wraps around the westernmost part of Lake Ontario.